Push and pull telescopic props

Push and pull telescopic props available in standard version and heavy duty version, Suitable for shoring of vertical formwork.

Standard push and pull prop

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The push and pull prop is a prop that, as the name implies, works simultaneously in compression, like the standars props, and in traction. This is thanks to the particular sleeve that prevents the prop from pulling out. The pivot- tilted heads then allow a better fixing of the prop to the surface to be shored, whether it is a pillar, a panel or anything else to be supported. The fine adjustment of the sleeve allows to precisely adjust the fixing angle or the perpendicular of the object of the shoring.

Pin ø 12 mm
Sleeve’s handles ø 12 mm
Fine adjustment with steel sleeve or with external thread
Sleeve’s length 135 mm
Immersion painting / Hot dip galvanization / Electrolytic galvanization
Packages of 50 pieces