Modular formwork

Modular formwork system metal-wood for walls and columns.

Our formwork system consists of a single panel that
allows you to create any length, shape and size without
the use of special elements. We studied a panel that can
be used both vertically and horizontally, allowing
o assemble at an angle to each length. By assembling more elements it is
possible to create any shape (rectangular, triangular and circular): with
the help of our Unipan jointed products, you can also assemble
circular and curved section walls with a minimum radius of 1.60 m.
One of the main strengths of our system is the
possibility of making pillars of any width (starting from a
minimum of 5x5 cm). Moreover, with our coupling system you will not have to
use nails, or any improvised harness,
ncreasing the longevity of the formwork.
The panel is only 25 kg / sqm, which allows rapid assembly in any situation and manual lifting without the need for machinery.

Modular metal/ wood formwork system
for walls and pillars, with 15 mm
multilayer panels treated to last
for a long time.
Formwork frames made of steel..
Panels made of multi-layer birchwood,
crossed-structure veneer.
- Frames:
Immersion painting in
red colour RAL 3009.
- Panels:
Surface and rear:
dark-brown 220 g/m² phenolic film.
- Edges:
Glued with waterproof bonding.
Reference standards
- Panels:
Weather resistant
phenolic gluing following
EN 314-2/class 3 norm.
- Tie-rods and anchor nuts:
DIN 18216.