Shoring and slab systems

Wide range of props and accessories for shoring.

The EN1065 Class A prop is the smallest of the certified props, or rather the one with the lower loading capacity. This prop is available in various sizes, ranging from 1.55 m to 6.00 m painted in red, hot dip or electrolytic galvanization and has loading capacities ranging from 25kn for the closed prop up to 5.0 kn for the prop open at 6 meters.

Pin ø 14 mm
Sleeve’s handles ø 12 mm, external thread’s handle ø 16 mm
Level washer of 5 mm
Fine adjustment with steel sleeve or with external thread
Sleeve’s length 150 mm
Immersion painting / Hot dip galvanization / Electrolytic galvanization
Packages of 50 pieces