Shoring and slab systems

Wide range of props and accessories for shoring.

The 3-ply shuttering panels of 27 mm are one of the main building products. They are used to reinforce walls and floors. They are available in standard width of 50 vcm and lenghts from 1 meter to 3 meters. There are aldo the sub-mesures for pillars, 3 meters long with widths ranging from 15 to 45 cm.

Carefully dried timber
Melamine waterproof gluing
Dimensional stability
Size retention, and longevity
Thickness 27 mm, packages of 40 pcs
Weight per m2 13 Kg
Following the norm EN 13353
Elasticity module calculated according to EN 13353 standards:
  - Average = 12.393 N/mm2
- Quantity below 5% = 7.284 N/mm2