Shoring and slab systems

Wide range of props and accessories for shoring.

Prop with flat plate, the prop for export. This is the most know italian prop abroad. Available for shoring from 40 cm up to 5.5 meters, both with the option of classic iron or cast iron sleeve. It can be painted in red by immersion, or with hot-dip or electrolytic galvanization, to guarantee a greater resistance to weathering. They are sold in packs of 50 pieces each, or in a pratctical container of 100 or 50 pieces. Possibility to use fork and tripod for a faster use

Pin ø 12 mm
Sleeve’s handles ø 12 mm
Grooved washer
Fine adjustment with steel sleeve or with external thread
Sleeve’s length 135 mm
Immersion painting / Hot dip galvanization / Electrolytic galvanization
Packages of 50 pieces